Caleidoscopio – Festival delle Arti


caleidoscopio festival


In the city of Camerano, Province of Ancona, was launched Caleidoscopio – Festival delle Arti, from 28th June to 18th October.

The Festival Caleidoscopio, involving urban spaces and exhibition halls, shows contemporary art in all its expressions to celebrate the beauty and to communicate it to the audience.

The event also includes live painting, music, dance, flying acrobats, food and wine tastings.

There are three main exhibitions: the art work by the artists Carlo Maratt, Rebecca and Eliezer , titled “Come back home”, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi.

The thematic exhibition in the Church of San Francesco “If I say Aria”, by Antonio D’Amico, including art works of Marcello Chiarenza, Chris Gilmour, Angela Glajcar, Kaori Miyayama, Medhat Shafik and Gianluca Quaglia.

Finally, in the historical contest of Grotta Ricotti and in the City Hall, the Festival suggests sculptures and paintings of Quirino Ruggeri.


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