Francesco Arena: “Tutte le A del J’accuse”

“J’Accuse” was the letter written by Emile Zola to the Presiet of Franch Republic Félix Fare, and which the famous author denounced the irregularities of the trial against Alfred Dreyfus, to opening again his case of betrayal.

The italian artist Francesco Arena, with the art work “Tutte le A di J’Accuse” , deunced the state of press freedom in Italy: in 2009 in the Word press freedom idex Italy ranks forty-ninth, close to Ghana , Mali and Namibia.

Francesco Arena deletes and, at the same time, emphasizes the meaning of the lettre “J’Accuse”, by axtracting 1.637 “A”  in the Zola’s text. Against the contradiction of the italian system, the artist gets hold of the symbol of collective memory and develops a perspective which highlights what ew were.