M.U.Ro.: the first Urban Museum of Rome


M.U.Ro. – Urban Museum of Rome is the first museum of Urban Art in the capital city totally integrated into social fabric, by dealing with Street Art.

The project M.U.Ro. was born in December of 2010, curated by the artist David Vecchiato. It became an Urban Art Festival in spring 2012 ad it aims to conquer a permanent seat.

M.U.Ro. is an open-air museum, located in the district Quadraro of Rome, The collection consists of art works by international urban artists: sculptures, paintings, installations, performances, workshops, muraless and much more.
In this way, contemporary art will have the opportunity to interact daily with people

The artists who have participated so far are:

Nicola Alessandrini (Italy), Ale Giorgini (Italy), Jim Avignon (Germany / USA), Zelda Bomba (France), Malo Farfan (Mexico), Gary Baseman (USA), Alice (Alice Pasquini) (Italy), About Mark Bevis (Italy), Alberto Corradi (Italy), Diavù (Italy), Mr. Thoms (Italy), Ale Giorgini (Italy), Giacon Massimo (Italy), Gio Pistone (Italy).

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