Urs Fischer in Rome

Until 26th October 2013, the Gagosian Gallery in Rome host the special public exhibition of new works by Urs Fischer.

Continuously searching for new sculptural solutions, Fischer deconstructs objects and then replicates them, rethinking the space through the experimentation of materials and forms while keeping a mordant irony. Reinvesting in traditional art historical genres (still life, portraits, nudes and landscapes) with an abundance of rich and surprising forms, he ceaselessly explores the intersection of art and everyday life.
Urs Fischer’s large-scale installations and sculptures posit genres traditionally evoked in painting  in a profusion of rich and often impermanent sculptural materials. Whether utilizing foodstuffs (Bread House, 2004) or more self-destructive mediums, such as soft wax that simply melts away, Fischer mines the endless possibilities of a particular material to introduce an additional dimension into the work: that of time.
Imbued with their own mortality, his sculptures and installations cultivate the experiential function of art. Fischer incorporates elements of performance and Pop art to create an oeuvre that is distinctly current, and as witty as it is macabre.