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Emilio Isgro in Rome

Emilio Isgro is an italian artist, painter, poet and dramatist. He’s the theorist of the “Deletion”: a new language of art to explain the death and the new life of the language. The Emilio Isgrò exhibition at the  Gnam (National Gallery of Modern Art, in Rome) is titled “Model Italy 2013-1964”, open until October 6, 2013. …

Best exibition

Guido Crepax: erotic comics

Guido Crepax’s exhibition in Milan (Palazzo Reale). Until 15th September 2013. The artist – Guido Crepax (Milan,15 July 1933 – Milan, 31 July 2003) was the italian father of sexiest comics drawings, generally involving a strong dose of erotism. He is known as the creator of Valentina, born in 1965, a character  very representative of the spirit of …