Best exibition, Contemporary Artist

Emilio Isgro in Rome

Emilio Isgro is an italian artist, painter, poet and dramatist. He’s the theorist of the “Deletion”: a new language of art to explain the death and the new life of the language.

The Emilio Isgrò exhibition at the  Gnam (National Gallery of Modern Art, in Rome) is titled “Model Italy 2013-1964”, open until October 6, 2013. It will be divided into two sections: the first one will be composed by the most important installations created over the past four years, and the second section, organized around the artist’s main historical artworks.

The exhibition aims at displaying and demonstrating – through a path going chronologically backwards –  the topicality of Isgrò’s art, but also how his latest works are linked to the early ones. His spectacular and complex installations of the most recent times are composed of the very same elements already outlined in the Sixties and Seventies, following up and expanding the artist’s subjects and original signs.


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