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Guido Crepax: erotic comics

Guido Crepax’s exhibition in Milan (Palazzo Reale). Until 15th September 2013.

The artist – Guido Crepax (Milan,15 July 1933 – Milan, 31 July 2003) was the italian father of sexiest comics drawings, generally involving a strong dose of erotism. He is known as the creator of Valentina, born in 1965, a character  very representative of the spirit of the ‘60s who expres the erotic disinhibition of the sexual revolution. Guido Crepax illustrated books, newspapers and records. He signed pieces of theater, creating advertisements for brands as Campari, Shell, Esso, Standa, Dunlop.

In the artist’s work there are also sophisticated comic adaptations of classics romances written by Stevenson, James, Poe, Kafka, Blixen and Casanova.

The exhibition – Until 15th September 2013 – for the tenth anniversary of the artist’s death – the Palazzo Reale in Milan shows 90 original drawings of Crepax. The exhibition, made of recyclables materials, is curated by the three sons of the artist. The event is dedicated to the Crepax relation whit Milan, his hometown.


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